Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pledge to Stop IPL going Abroad

The BCCI announced that they are planning to go ahead and conduct the IPL games outside India claiming their decision is based on Indian Government Official's refusal to meet the security demands forgetting the fact that Government's priority is to provide security to the upcoming Elections.

We, the general public, have the highest responsibility in holding BCCI accountable for their unpatriotic move and should decide how we can bring them to their knees. The Indian Government clearly mentioned the reason behind their decisions and asked BCCI to postpone the IPL games after the elections. Anyone who is not insane would accept the fact that the Elections are the highest priority for the Nation and Definitely not any entertainments such as IPL.

Why are they (BCCI) demanding the security from the Government when they in fact are not accountable for their actions and their collections amounts to millions and millions? So far, BCCI have not made it public on their income irrespective of several calls to do so. When they claim and run the organization as Private why can’t they employ private security for their games. Can the government provide security details to all the private companies and spend tax payer’s money towards the welfare of every private organization?

Instead, BCCI went too far in demanding our Government to accept their agenda by announcing they will conduct the Indian Premier League games outside India and continue to rake their fortunes which is very unfortunate.

In the event of BCCI conducting the IPL outside India, as a the proud citizen of India, we have the responsibility to stop this atrocity and the height of selfishness of BCCI by pledging ourselves -

  • Not to watch the IPL games in television thus reducing the television ratings.
  • Not to buy the products of companies who sponsor the events with their advertisements.
  • Never buy a ticket to watch the IPL games at any stadium outside India.
  • To demand the BCCI to rename IPL to something appropriate.
  • Not to buy the products of companies promoted by any player who plays the IPL games outside India.

I do not think I have to list how this pledging will affect BCCI's decision in organizing IPL outside India.